Peter's Sipadan videos page

These video clips were all taken on the amazing Olympus 770W point and shoot waterproof camera (no housing), that I  got 3 years ago from Kerrisdale Cameras. It refuses to stop working, and even though only rated to 40 feet, it has been down to over 70 and never flooded. Not recommending anyone do that, but that is quite amazing. Although just 320 pixels / 15 frame per second, the results are very acceptable.

This first video is quite a spectacular coup as it the very first time that I have actually seen, and chased around the reef, the very venomous Coral Banded Seasnake, whose bite can certainly kill, but whose mouth is small enough so that a bite is a somewhat remote possibility. This is a real snake, has to come up for air, but, like the turtle, can spend long periods below before needing to come up for a breath



This beautiful Oval Spot Butterfly fish was quite unconcerned by my camera, and happily swam up to me, and began pecking on the reef as if I was not even there.


Next, one of the myriad number of turtles present on and around Sipadan Island, Malaysia, takes a long slow look at me, doesn't like what he sees, and ambles off to the surface to get a breath of fresh air.






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